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Law of possession?

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columbine75 Sun 21-Jun-15 09:08:55

I ordered a coat for DH for Christmas (£150) and had a refund via PayPal as it never arrived. Eventually it did arrive and I returned it saying I didn't need it anymore and they'd sent the wrong size anyway! I sent it recorded and three weeks later received it back as the company had "gone away". I emailed as they were (and still are) trading to ask where they'd like it sent and they never got back to me. How long before this coat is legally mine? And have I made all possible effort to return it? Don't really want to try again as recorded signed for is £8.50! Thank you.

TalkinPeace Sun 21-Jun-15 14:08:34

90 days normally - that is the rule for lost property handed to the police

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