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Voluntary work & Tax Credits

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karmagetsyou Mon 15-Jun-15 10:44:18

Can you claim working & child tax credit whilst volunteering?

What is the eligibility?

RebootYourEngine Mon 15-Jun-15 11:03:03

You can claim child tax credit but not sure about working tax credit. Doesnt it need to be a paid job.

Babyroobs Mon 15-Jun-15 14:01:45

It needs to be paid work to claim working tax credits.

karmagetsyou Mon 15-Jun-15 14:36:21

Ok thank you but I can claim child tax credit to pay for partial childcare whilst doing voluntary work?

AndNowItsSeven Mon 15-Jun-15 20:01:40

No, it has to be paid employment unless you have a partner who works at least 16 hours and you are in receipt of dla, carers allowance or possibly ESA.

AndNowItsSeven Mon 15-Jun-15 20:03:05

Child tax credit is not for childcare. working tax credit - childcare element is for childcare.

karmagetsyou Mon 15-Jun-15 20:06:50

Ok! Thank you - so in summary. You can only claim either if you are in paid work?

I am a single parent with no other benefits other than £82 a month child benefit

babyalan13 Mon 15-Jun-15 21:32:09

No you can claim child tax working or not working! Think its around 60 a week depending on circumstances.

karmagetsyou Mon 15-Jun-15 21:49:20

Ok! So am I best to ring them? Heard it takes ages or fill in new tax credit form? These things confuse the shit out of me.

Basically I've been working so claiming both, just been made redundant & of course hoping to find another job quite soon once my redundancy period comes to an end, I won't get any redundancy pay as not been there long enough.

What do I do?

I sent back my renewal form before I was made redundant in which I had said no changes but there will be changes if I don't get another job in 3 months! Help ....

babyalan13 Mon 15-Jun-15 22:08:12

Ring them! Best thing you can do. They should update details over the phone!

AndNowItsSeven Mon 15-Jun-15 22:48:34

Sorry I meant you can't claim childcare costs if you are not in paid employment as a single payment. You can claim child tax credits.
Child tax credits are not the same things as working tax credits ( which can include a childcare element) .

karmagetsyou Mon 15-Jun-15 22:54:10

Thank you for the advice smile

So do I just fill out the form and exclude income once I know what my situation is at the time of when I leave paid employment?

AndNowItsSeven Mon 15-Jun-15 23:24:32

You don't need to fill in another form just ring them as soon as you actually leave work, and tell them your change of circumstances.
How old is your child if under five you can claim IS otherwise JSA.
As you have previously been in receipt of childcare costs they will keep paying your costs for four weeks after you stop work.
This is called working tax credits four week run on. You will also still receive your regular working tax credits for four weeks and then your child tax credits as normal.
Hope you find a new job soon op.

AndNowItsSeven Mon 15-Jun-15 23:26:40

Just to complicate things further any WTC 4 week run on money will be classed as income for benefit purposes. However if it's for childcare costs it's not classed as income but you must still use it for childcare.

karmagetsyou Tue 16-Jun-15 06:46:01

Thank you! Wow ..... so knowledgeable.

Yes he's under 5. But I'm hoping to find a job very soon.

Groovee Tue 16-Jun-15 06:53:23

Are you going to sign on? You would be able to see a special advisor to ensure you get all your entitled to benefits.

karmagetsyou Tue 16-Jun-15 20:55:35

I don't think I can sign on as I have a child under 5? And I can't claim Income Support as I have a property in my name (albeit in negative equity) or housing benefit, it's proper fucked up I tell you.

Best off owning nothing in this world & then you are looked after. But ... I'll hopefully find another job & all will work out ok. I just don't want to fuck up the HMRC shit as I know that gets tricky .... So I'll just call them each time my circumstances change

Ps ... Father has NC (his choice not mine) etc so that's a no goer in times of financial strain

bloodyteenagers Tue 16-Jun-15 21:07:31

You can claim is if you own a property. As long as you live in the property you might also be able to claim for the interest on the mortgage paid.

AndNowItsSeven Wed 17-Jun-15 00:37:42

Contribution based JSA is non means tested.

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