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Maternity leave and benefits

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preggers30 Sun 14-Jun-15 11:42:12

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help with some advice.

I currently work full time and have a 11yr old son, I'm pregnant and due to go on maternity leave in September. I will qualify for staturtory maternity pay I think its about £130 a week.

While I'm on maternity leave I will need to claim benefits but I'm a bit worried if I will be entitled to anything and how much. On tax credits I have to give my previous years salary which was £21000, but obviously while I'm on maternity leave from 14th September I won't earn that much! As its in the current year I'm worried I won't get anything else.

Would I qualify to get any help with my rent or tax credits while on maternity leave?

I'm a single mum with no partner.

Has anyone else been in this situation?

Thanks in advance for any advice, I'm trying to get organised and see how long I could have off work and manage until I go back.

SpoonBender Mon 22-Jun-15 19:37:53

Hiya, I was advised you fill the application in from last years figures and when they reply saying you are not entitled you can then explain and give them the estimate for while you are off and they adjust accordingly. Hope that helps.

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