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crazymama1 Wed 10-Jun-15 16:18:55

I am currently renting a local authority property, I pay full rent and council tax and have done so from the beginning of my tenancy (5 years). I am a single parent and work full time (37.5 hours) I do get some child tax credits.

My dilemma is that my daughter has started to get very emotional about not being able to take her to school/pick her up and just generally spend some extra time with her (other than at weekends when we need to see/do other people/tings etc)

I am considering reducing my working hours to either 30 or 22 (so work 4 days or 3 days per week) so can be there for her the extra day/2 days, I was hoping to do this as a temporary measure maybe 3 months to start off with, just until my daughter settles a bit at school (she has counselling already for other issues!)

I can�t help but feel guilty about not being there for her, but then I justify to her that if I didn�t work then she can�t have nice things she likes (she has expensive taste, my fault!)

My question is this (and please don�t judge me, I don�t want to live of the state, I am just after some advice on something I may or may not follow through with!) � would I be entitled to housing/council tax benefit if I did reduce my hours?

I know tax credits might go up to make up the reduced monthly income, but won�t that be the following year?

I have tried the entitled to website, not sure If I am doing it wrong but the outcomes is that I would get nothing.

I might just have to do it and see how we get on for my child�s emotional wellbeing!
Thank you in advance

Woodenheart Wed 10-Jun-15 22:58:49

The entitled to website should help, it may be showing entitlement from your full time wage, as I think tax credits are worked out from last years earnings.

Maybe phone & ask, & give them the figure of what you would earn if you worked 22 hours, Im sure they will help you.

LD29 Wed 10-Jun-15 23:38:56

For tax credits, if your earnings change in current financial year you still inform them and they work out a new payment. Do it a week after your hours change. I left it 6 months after reducing my hours, but they only took 30 days into account. I've no clue about other benefits though- local citizens advice should know. Some personal advice- I worked full time with 4 kids under 9 till last year. Ended up with breakdown and depression. I've since reduced my hours, have less money, but much much happier smile

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