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loss adjusters visit

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Sorryjustthinking Sun 07-Jun-15 20:48:29

We were burgled recently and we have a loss adjuster visiting us this week.
I have now heard a couple of horror stories from friends who have made me a bit nervous.
Has anyone had any experiences of this and were they that bad?

Sorryjustthinking Mon 08-Jun-15 21:02:26


unadulterateddad Mon 08-Jun-15 21:08:48

Loss adjusters are not bad people, there just there to validate the details of what you're claiming. Like people in all types of jobs, there are good ones and poor ones, but they should just be there to try and help you through what is an already difficult situation.

Be open and honest, and have all your documents ready and you should have no problems.

Sorryjustthinking Mon 08-Jun-15 21:52:34

Thank u unadulterated dad for your response.
I suppose my concern is that it is their job to reduce or invalidate my claim.
With documents do you mean proof of ownership?
I have receipts for almost all items stolen.
How much other evidence will they need to prove I owned the other items?

TheVeryHungryPreggo Tue 09-Jun-15 16:45:55

They asked me for things like charger/battery pack for stolen DSLR, charger/earphones for stolen phone, they looked at the damage, they looked at the locks. As it happened we had moved to a new property 30 days before and our locks didn't comply with the standards required by the insurer (which hadn't been a problem in our previous home), but it paid out anyway.

MorrisZapp Tue 09-Jun-15 16:50:32

My DP is a loss adjuster. He's the nicest fella you ever met, and easy on the eye too smile

They're not trying to catch you out, but they will have lots of questions for you. Just answer them as best you can.

DP pays in full on a daily basis (but if you're a fraudster he'll sniff you out at forty paces). Hope it goes ok.

Sorryjustthinking Tue 09-Jun-15 19:11:33

Thanks for your responses, I'm feeling a bit more prepared and went through all my receipts again, also found the guarantee/ warranty card for a watch I couldn't find a receipt for.
Its reassuring to know they can tell if you're genuine as the insurance company gave me the third degree for originally telling them my engagement ring has been taken but when I found it and told them they almost accused me of lying!

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