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concentrix tax credits and eBay!!!

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babyalan13 Thu 04-Jun-15 22:00:02

Hay in a bit of a panic!! Received letter from concentrix saying they think my payments are wrong. They want me to send 12 month payslips letter from employer bank statements etc. Been going over everything in my head and don't no what I've done wrong! I work 30 hours. Earn about 10 thousand in the year. I have 4 children. So definitely entitled to child tax credits. But went through my bank statements I sell the children's old clothes and toys throughout the year to clear space! I've in total made 1500. Would they class that as bad!? Am so worried!! I wouldn't class myself as self employed! As I work Monday to Friday in a school. Am so worried. Any advice? I really don't no why there investigating me!!!

EldonAve Fri 05-Jun-15 12:19:12

The ebay sales won't matter unless you are selling stuff for more than you paid originally

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