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Maternity cover contract

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birdbrain21 Wed 03-Jun-15 21:35:33

Just wondering if anyone can help me figure out my finances! A few months ago I was given a job when someone else went on maternity leave. The original arrangement was to do it till July (end of school term) but I've now been asked to carry on in September till this member of staff comes back in February/March 2016. The thing is I've just found out I'm pg and would want to go on maternity leave end of January 2016 (before she plans to come back). Does anyone know where I stand with maternity leave and pay? I will be starting whilst still on this maternity cover contract but my contract finishes about 2 weeks after I will start leave. The cover I am doing is a few afternoons a week, and is earning over £6000 per year and when she comes back they would like me to stay on for 1 afternoon a week (which I obviously won't be doing). Is there a minimum hours to work/wage to earn to be eligible for maternity pay?
I don't want to discuss this with them yet as I'm only a few weeks pg and don't want them to say my contract finishes in July now and they'll find someone else for next year.

Hope this all makes sense and someone can give me advice! Thanks for reading.

lizzywig Thu 04-Jun-15 06:06:44

What is the current end date on your contract?

birdbrain21 Thu 04-Jun-15 09:50:14

The maternity cover end date is in February 2016 but I will then be very very part time (one afternoon a week) till July 2016

Littlef00t Sun 07-Jun-15 21:33:17

I think providing you're working for a qualifying week, you'll be eligible for mat leave even if it is fixed term. If not, providing you've worked for x number of weeks you'll be eligible for maternity allowance.

I don't think there's a minimum amount be working, you'll just get that as your payment rather than the standard amount as your earning are less.

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