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2nd job implications

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decisionsdecisions123 Wed 03-Jun-15 20:42:04

Any help would be really appreciated.

I work in a job that I was doing extra hours in. I have just found out that I will soon be losing these extra hours. This means I am down by about £1800 a year. The good thing about the hours was that I just had to write them down on a timesheet and they would be put through with my normal hours so I didn't have to do them as 2nd job.

I am now thinking about having to take a 2nd job. I have potentially found something where I could earn around £1300 or £3200 a year from the 2nd job depending on which role/hours I took. Sounds fine but I worry about the implications it will have on Child Tax credits and Housing Benefit. Will it be more hassle than its worth? I am not so concerned about the amount I receive from them going down (unless it was drastic and left me worse off) but will it mean lots of writing back and forwards to Housing Benefit and having my money put on hold til they look at payslips etc every few months? And what about Tax Credits? The end of the year sheet you receive where there write the amount you earned, would this be more tricky if I had a second job? It appears that because my income isn't dropping by £2500 I wouldn't be entitled to a higher amount of tax credits. I do wonder if my housing benefit would increase though due to the drop in income.

If anyone has been in this situation/ works in this area I would really appreciate it!

SheHasAWildHeart Thu 11-Jun-15 11:47:15

Have a look at the calculator on entitledto website and play around with the figures.

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