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Tax credits check! Help!!

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scarlettsmama Mon 01-Jun-15 22:20:29

Hope someone out there can help and reassure me! I've been self employed for a year now and the other day I got a letter saying ' tax credits check' and that they think my tax credits amount could be wrong. I now need to provide 12 months worth of accounts, childcare invoices, all my own invoices, all my receipts for a year (!!) and also a breakdown of my hours worked and a diary breakdown.. I've got it all together without too much drama but I'm just a bit worried that they'll find a mistake or not believe that my hours worked are as I've said they are ( bit hard to prove that you are planning lessons etc at home and writing reports as this stuff doesn't get shown on an invoice..!) Though I have taken an average from my hours and am claiming 20 hours per week.. Is this how it works?! Has anyone else done similar? I'm worried that they will a) not believe me about my working hours spent on admin, planning etc or b) find a mistake somewhere and then completely bollock me.

Help , this is quite stressful...

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