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Student Loans/Erudio

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befuddleded Fri 22-May-15 12:29:08

Hi All, hoping people can provide me with some help. I know there are lots of Erudio threads but I have a different situation!

I have a pre 1998 student loan which was passed to Erudio. When I was sent all the documentation from them about the changes, I found out I was in arrears and had been for 2 years. The arrears were more than the loan! I questioned this with them as when I started my current job, payments to the student loans company were automatically taking payments from my salary, i didnt receive anything from the SLC to say they were doing this. I have 2 loans that are after 1998 and it turns out this payment was for these loans. I didn't receive a deferment form and therefore assumed that I couldn't defer as they were already taking the money from my salary.

I have complained through Erudio an they wont do anything so I have sent it to the FSO. I have heard back, but they have quite a lot of the details wrong so I am waiting for a call back.

The FSO have said that as I deferred on previous occasions I should have known to do this again and it is therefore my responsibility.

Am I being unreasonable in suggesting that given that they had placed an attachment on my salary and hadn't contacted me, or asked me to defer that i assumed that i was paying? That I would have no way of knowing that these payments were for later loans? how would I ever know if they didnt tell me?

I look forward to your responses. smile

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