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Eviction looming - urgent advice please

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JoJo44 Wed 20-May-15 21:04:21

Unfortunately I found out that I am at risk of eviction from my council property.

I was on a suspended possession order, had a plan set up to pay additional sum on top of my rent which I unfortunately didnt stick to.

I was in regular communications with my rent officer throughout this time and on some occasions "breached" the order by making up additional payments where they had been missed at the agreement of my rent officer.

To my surprise I received the eviction notice despite prior communications and when I telephoned the council they stated that a letter went out in March??? I have a long history of emails between myself and my rent officer so there is no way that i would have deliberately missed this letter but i dont doubt it was sent.

So i am wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and managed to thankfully suspend or "stay" the eviction process?

I have had a multitude of debts, am a single parent of 2 children (one is now over 18 but as a medical condition) and no support whatsoever despite several years requesting support, even via my MP regarding child maintenance.

I have managed to pay a substantial chunk of the rent (2 thirds) and will be able to pay the remainder within a week if given time as i it was implied by the council that if the debt is at zero or even in credit, its unlikely the judge will evict, however i am by no means relying on this.

The only other positive in my favour is that i have no thankfully found a new job that is paying substantially more than my last which again will greatly help me in sticking to any future agreements.

I am going directly to court to request a stay etc, but I really just wanted to hear from other people who have been through this. As you can appreciate it is an extremely distressing time so please bear this in mind. I hope someone can offer some advice please.

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