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Childcare Vouchers

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Roxie85 Fri 15-May-15 06:06:36

I started a new job at the end of February and they don't do childcare vouchers.
I had only returned to work after maternity leave at the start of the year and had managed to sign up to vouchers with my last job and they implied it was all very easy to do.
It wasn't a deal changer as the new job was more money than the savings and the recruiter said that it might be something they would look into.
Well it's almost been 3 months and I am due a review and feel it would be an opportunity to bring it up.
Does anyone know how easy it is for a company to join up to it and how much extra work it would be for the woman who does the salaries initially and each month.
I know it will save me almost £1000 a year so want to see if I can get them to join.
Is it something I can offer to get set up for them?
Any thoughts or information that I can take to them would be really useful.

damnitdamnit Fri 15-May-15 06:10:57

I think it also saves them money - they pay less on costs. But I have no idea how much time it takes.

nameschanger Fri 15-May-15 06:11:52

Its super easy. Don't know what payroll systems they use but its a case of adding a salary sacrifice item. 2 minutes work.

I set one up for a colleague last year, and we didn't use a third party voucher. I just generated my own, took an hour to perfect.

Using a third party voucher company is a few pages of paperwork. Simple.

I don't think it would be a big ask.

Nannynome Fri 15-May-15 06:26:42

You may want to be aware that the schemes are changing this autumn over to a government scheme so people won't be able to sign up for vouchers once it starts. Those already in voucher schemes will be able to continue however.

Nannynome Fri 15-May-15 06:30:37

Ps. Am sure someone with more knowledge on it will be around at some point! There are other sites that probably explain it better and am not sure if anything has changed with the election!!

Nolim Fri 15-May-15 06:32:49

Good point nannynome. The employer may not want to invest 5 mins in a sysyem that may not be optimal for all they know.

R00tat00tt00t Thu 21-May-15 10:13:57

Sorry for barging in but does anyone know when the new scheme starts ie actual date?

nannynick Thu 21-May-15 10:36:41

Not sure there is a confirmed date as yet.
Some draft documents can be found here.

electionfatigue Thu 21-May-15 11:45:31

It's very easy and saves them the NI on the amount you take in vouchers, but as said above it might not be worth the hassle for such a short time.

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