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Worth claiming for ESA yet?

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00IdontKnow00 Mon 11-May-15 13:20:19

Hi I was wondering if anyone has any experience of claiming ESA, as a single parent with a child under the age of 5 (so no job centre appointments to look for work at the moment).
Since of the age of 19 ive suffered from back problems, only a few years ago I was told it was Sciatica. Anyway since having my children it has got a lot worse. Never considered claiming for ESA before and at an appointment least year an JC advisor told me that I should claim.
I just wondered if its worth applying now, or waiting until my youngest is at school? Only because I don't have to look for work at the moment and wouldn't claiming for ESA just mess all my benefits up (especially if I fail medical?). Anyone else applied while in same position as me?
I hope not to have to claim it too long but there is so much I have trouble with these days, still have to have my 3 year old in a buggy because I cant carry shopping or pick him up often - hope I can eventually find a job where I don't sit down or stand up all day - a mixture of both!
Anyway hope someone could help and thank you smile

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