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Bupa dental plan and health insurance

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codandchipstwice Thu 07-May-15 11:47:32

Any experience of either? Worth it - and do you know how quickly it pays you back for the dental treatment? Offered it via work for big discount


threegoingonthirty Thu 07-May-15 13:22:41

BUPA are charlatans. Health insurance - they now pay consultants less than they did 10 years ago and many refuse to take BUPA patients or charge top-up fees. Go with someone else or accept that you won't be able to choose who to see and may have to pay a top-up fee on top of your excess.

violetbunny Sat 09-May-15 06:51:42

I had it through a previous job and it was great. I only ever claimed on dental, it did take a good 4-6 weeks to pay out. However it more than paid for itself, especially as I ended up needing a crown on one tooth.

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