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Mortgage with bad credit

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Redwaters Wed 06-May-15 16:02:04

Is this even possible? I'm guessing the answer is probably not but if a considerable amount of time between defaults has lapsed is it a possibility in a few years?

PurpleBananaPie Wed 06-May-15 16:24:40

It is sometimes possible, it depends on a lot of things. Such as what do you mean by bad credit? How many defaults and for how much? How long ago? Are they now satisfied? How much of a deposit do you have, the higher deposit the greater chance you have.

It may be worth you speaking to a Mortgage Broker who specialises in adverse credit to see whether anything is possible.

Redwaters Wed 06-May-15 16:28:52

If I'm being honest, I don't know. I know I need to get hold of my credit file, and know how to do this, but I've had my head in the sand for ages a while.

I used to be very good with money, but after leaving university I ended up moving nine times in a year (you read that right!) and as a result, I missed a lot of payments through sheer disorganisation and being unable to keep on top of things. After buying a house in 2005, I went completely mad (blush) and ended up opening a "basic' bank account. Had this for years.

I've had a 'proper' account with a debit card since 2011 but I can't get a credit card or similar and I'm permanently in my overdraft.

I'd love to buy a bigger property but feel stuck.

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