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Tax credits help RE joint claims

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Bexicle22 Tue 05-May-15 17:14:08

A few weeks ago, I wrote to tax credits (because trying to get through on the phone is near impossible) to tell them about a change of address. I also mentioned that my partner stays here a few nights a week as I wasn't sure what the deal was with that. He stays here over the weekend but he doesn't live here, has no post delivered here, all car tax/insurance mobile contract etc registered at his parents, registered on electoral role at his parents, doesn't pay for any of my bills etc. Basically other than the few nights he spends here, he lives and has everything at his parents house.

Tax credits suddenly stopped my payments without warning so ended up having to bite the bullet and call. After being on hold for over an hour I finally got through to someone who said the payments were stopped because I need to make a joint claim. Now, it states on the HMRC website that you need to make a joint claim if you are living with a partner as if you're married. Surely that constitutes living with someone full time? On this joint claim, I will be almost £100 worse off a week. Which is fine if I was receiving regular money/help with bills etc from a partner I lived with but I'm not, they're basically wanting him to become the main provider for a house he doesn't live in and for a child and partner he doesn't live with (child is from a previous relationship) I don't understand how this is right?

Honestly, I wish I earned enough from my job to not have to deal with tax credits but unfortunately I don't!

00IdontKnow00 Mon 11-May-15 22:47:24

Phone them again and clarify that he doesn't live with you. I can't believe they have stopped your payments without clarifying the details properly with you (sounds like to me the person on the other end from the tax credits office 'decided' you were living together). Staying at your home from time to time does not mean he is living there, so maybe they got the wrong end of the stick?

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