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compensation received from Erudio student loans

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veeek8 Mon 04-May-15 12:39:00

So I tried to file an official complaint with Erudio about four times and it was ignored. I went to the FOS and I am getting a healthy compensation sum. I would beg anyone else to do the same, it is imperative this company learns to follow financial guidelines.

They have also told me that no-one has had their details sent to credit reference agencies for deferring and that this is only a potential future policy. Sounds like back pedalling doesn't it!

When calling them up I am also sensing a change in their response, from a debt collection agent style to one more befitting a financial institution...

SunbathingCat Mon 04-May-15 12:40:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

help234 Tue 05-May-15 01:38:28

Good for you!

plentyofshoes Thu 07-May-15 13:50:44

Well done!

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