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Tax Credits / Childcare / Reference Numbers

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MrsGiraffe12 Fri 01-May-15 11:22:06

I think I have made a cock up on tax credits helpline.

They asked for DDs nursery reference number. I have 2: 1 ofsted reference number and 1 nursery reference number. Which one should I have given? x

YouPooPooBumBum Fri 01-May-15 11:27:24

I don't think it really matters, I believe they are only asking for it to check the childcare provide really exists.

MrsGiraffe12 Fri 01-May-15 11:39:22

I asked which one they wanted, the woman didn't know which one so asked for the ofsted registration number. I feel sick now, like I'm going to get done for giving false information or something

YouPooPooBumBum Fri 01-May-15 11:51:37

I know its easier said than done but don't worry, keep note of the date you called, what they asked etc in case you need to refer back to it in the future.
You have not done anything wrong.

MrsGiraffe12 Fri 01-May-15 12:05:44

I have. I've taken note of the time and date I called etc x

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