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CTF - Where do I put it? Is there much difference between accounts?

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WriggleJiggle Mon 06-Nov-06 17:08:04

I know I want to put it into the shares account that then reduces risks when child is 11 or so (sorry, can't remember name of it).

Question is though - how do you choose between the accounts and is there any real difference between them. There must be a comparrison site somewhere so I don't have to contact each bank individually.

Tried googling, but can't find anything.

WriggleJiggle Mon 06-Nov-06 19:25:05


WriggleJiggle Mon 06-Nov-06 22:00:43

Quootiepie Mon 06-Nov-06 22:03:23

Put the money in an ISA in your name, then, when they are 18 they cant take the money and buy drugs or whatever YOU can decide how the money is spent.

Put the £250 in a high risk account - you never know, it might make millions! Its free money so...

WriggleJiggle Mon 06-Nov-06 22:48:51

Can't put it in my name - government won't allow it. What I want to do is invest the CTF in their name, then have a separate account for savings.

dinosaur Mon 06-Nov-06 22:51:26

I have seen other mumsnetters, whose financial acument I would respect, saying that they have put theirs in a Child Trust Fund managed by Foreign & Colonial.

WriggleJiggle Tue 07-Nov-06 18:26:16

thanks, will find out about them.

Kewcumber Mon 09-Jul-07 11:21:02

just wanted to bump this in case anyone had any recent recommendations. really can't be arsed to do the research myself (and me an accountant )

elkiedee Mon 09-Jul-07 23:54:25

How it compares financially I don't know, but someone drew my attention to the fact that Family Investments had an ethical CTF, and I also discovered that I could apply online and then they'll just send me an envelope to post the CTF voucher in. Even I might manage that, and I thought it was a good idea to just go for it and get it done. Which best buys only seem to compare cash CTF interest rates and my mum seemed to think I should do a proper investment (yes, I still consider what my mum thinks even at the grand old age of 38)

Kewcumber Tue 10-Jul-07 12:45:17

yes you should definitely do a share based one. Over 18 yrs would be criminal to put it in a cash account - start transferring into cash in stages say 20% per year ion teh run up to 18 to minimise risk.

frogs Tue 10-Jul-07 13:20:56

Kewcumber, FWIW it was me did the F&C Smaller Companies fund, on the basis that it was a small amount of money in the great scheme of things, so it made sense to do a more speculative investment. None of our other investments are with F&C, and all are pretty boring trackers or international general ITs, so thought it would be sensible to choose a different provider and type of fund to spread the risk around a bit.

I did read somewhere that it was the 2nd best-performing CTF over 3 years or so, so it was obviously a lucky guess. used to have quite an active discussion section including CTFs, so you might be able to get more experiences there. Would imagine the moneysavingexpert boards might also have stuff on this topic.


Kewcumber Tue 10-Jul-07 13:54:25

ta very much is the motley fool site - must try it.

BrummieOnTheRun Tue 10-Jul-07 14:03:59

interactive investor has a tool that allows you to graph the relative performance of various investment funds. the children's mutual has a great selection to choose from including ethical funds.

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