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is 28k annual a very low salary for 4 years of IT experience in London

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GammaDelta Fri 27-Mar-15 22:12:21

hi as stated just want to know if i am very underpaid of i have about 4 tests of experience in IT. i know it depends upon my skill set but just want to know about average salaries

MsShellShocked Fri 27-Mar-15 22:19:34

ITs such a general term. What do you actually do?

Are you a programmer? (What language?) or support ? Or network infrastructure? Or help desk? Or web design? Or business analyst? Or DB expert? Or tester? Or???????

It'd be a low salary for some of those jobs and not for others.

Why don't you go to jobserve and search for jobs like yours. Then you'll see what you could actually get.

GammaDelta Fri 27-Mar-15 22:24:50

i used to work on. net and sql after coming back from ML, my developer job had been moved to asia and i wad given the option of being an IT analyst. which i accepted because I always wanted to try my hand at being an ITA or BA.. But i think my salary is very low. problem is i have signed a contact with my company because of the training they are providing. hence can't leave for next 2 yearsconfused confused sad sad

MsShellShocked Fri 27-Mar-15 22:49:18

28K is very low for a .net SQL developer.

Not sure what a BA earns but I would have thought more than that.

Get yourself better informed and be ready to jump ship the day your contracts up.

Or try and negotiate a better deal.

Or buy your way out of the contract.

But first you need to be in a position to get a more lucrative job. You need to interview well. Be confident. Have the right buzz words on your CV.....

GammaDelta Sat 28-Mar-15 01:53:34

thanks MSShellShocked

notquiteruralbliss Fri 03-Apr-15 13:19:50

Very low. Grad starting salaries in IT / Business Analysis in London are 28k plus.

Trills Fri 03-Apr-15 13:26:19

Doesn't sound great to me either.

Unexpected Fri 10-Apr-15 21:09:45

It doesn't sound great but what kind of training are your current company offering? Are they paying for it, providing study leave, days off for exams? Do they have a good benefits package generally?

GammaDelta Sun 05-Jul-15 01:37:07

Thanks notquiteruralbliss , Trills, Unexpected. The contract was supposed to start after I finish my training which is Internationsl Diploma in Business Analysis. But guess what , I joined back in Jan and till now they have done just one module.. dont think they are keen on finishing it. I WFH which helps but thats it,.. After paying for childcare I save peanuts...

angry sad

itilqueen Sun 05-Jul-15 14:47:50

TBH it doesn't bode well that you're fairly clueless about market rates, the information is easily available!

Check and do a bit of research on

I hire for all sorts of IT staff (testers, devs, analysts, and beyond - team leads, management, directors) and it really depends on your skillset and niche expertise. are you in financial services vs games development? there is a world of difference in the pay levels. likewise if you're member of staff that does project work vs. in operations. Or if you line manager others too, plus your role - you're going to get more.

So you need to do proper research and plug in those variables.

Since your circumstances are a bit of an unknown, though, I'd say it sounds very very low. Without wanting to give details, we hired a grad business analyst (central London office, limited travel requirements) and the starting band is 29k. our candidate is ISEB qualified as well as having a comp sci degree, but still - that's for someone with 6 months work placement experience in a small software house!

Our "actual" rate for BAs in Lond varies between high 20s and high 70s (after that you're really getting into managerial/director type territory rather than hands on stuff).

You need to gather up information on what a fair market rate is, basically.

and this:

problem is i have signed a contact with my company because of the training they are providing

It sounds like the FDM Group to me.

Is it?

Check them out on Glassdoor, or those types of companies - hopefully you knew what you were getting into when you signed up. There are benefits and risks, but you should have weighed them up before signing... again, research is key!

GammaDelta Wed 08-Jul-15 14:28:32

Hi itilqueen Its not FDM I work for. I have been in my current company for 3 years now. I mostly WFH which helps but now I want to try for a better salary. I had checked on glassdoor and other websites and salary ranges from 24k for starters to around 50k for more senior IT Analyst jobs.. Thanks for your input I will update my CV and will be applying for jobs soon.

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