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After a letter from Concentrix/HMRC need to re-arrange my finances, advice please?

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PeppermintLatte Sun 01-Mar-15 10:43:11


I am the OP of the first Concentrix thread, but I wasn't told to prove I was single, I was told to prove I was self employed, it was difficult and worrying, but it gave me a kick up the backside to try and get better order of my finances. I am a single parent, and i'm just waiting for another bloody letter now telling me they have "evidence" of another person at my address. That would be my Mum and Sister by the way.

Ok, I became a single parent in 2011 and moved in with my Mum, I then left in November 2013 and moved into my own place, struggled greatly with the bills/rent as it was in a nice area and probably too big for my DD and I, so moved back in with Mum in May 2014. When I left my Mum's my Sister was no longer working, so my Mum started getting £20 a month council tax support. I closed my council tax account down in May 2014 and told them I was moving back to my Mum's address and I went back on the Electoral roll at her address, council tax said this was all fine.

Fast forward to getting the all clear of Concentrix, thank God, but it got me worrying, how do I actually prove I live at Mum's? No bills are in my names, i'm on the Electoral roll but that's it. I rang the council and asked am I down as living at Mum's, but they didn't seem to have a clue, they asked when I moved in, told them I had been staying with her since May 2014. Next thing my Mum gets a letter wanting her to send all my income details in, so i'm assuming she'll no longer get the council tax support (I will make up for the shortfall obviously) But i'm assuming because she stupidly didn't tell them I was living there from May, she'll have to pay back the council tax support she's been receiving? I feel awful now, as if it's my fault, although I wasn't aware she was in receipt of council tax support.

Anyway, I just want to know how I prove i'm actually a single parent and live with 2 females, should they bother me again. I was thinking of transfering my Mum some keep every week, rather than give her it in cash (as I have been doing) All my bills got to my Mum's address, my car is in my Mum's address, is there anything else I need to do? I could not live without my tax credits, but i'm desperately trying to change this and further myself in my work.

DD and I use ex's address for our Doctor (When we were together we joined this Dr's back in 2009) I don't want to leave this surgery, they are fantastic. DD is also in her Dad's address for school, but school/council said this was fine as she's with him quite a bit anyway.

Do HMRC have access to the council, can they get in touch with them and ask how long we've lived at Mum's or would they get this info from the electoral roll?

I'm worrying all the time, hoping I have done everything right and not overlooked anything. I just need to make sure i'm arranging my finances in the correct way so that they know i'm self employed and living with my Mum. I'm paid cash in hand by my clients and I never earn enough to warrant putting it in the bank, but i'm assuming I need to put it through the bank now, as it will make things easier long term?

Cherry2312 Wed 20-May-15 17:35:13

Write to Ian Duncan Smith at
and Louise Boyle of HMRC on
Complain, complain, complain. Concentrix are a very dodgy outfit.

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