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Can anyone recommend a good account for a baby?

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WhyNotSmile Sun 15-Feb-15 16:56:08

DS is 6mo and we would like to set up an account of some kind for him. Basically it's to put in birthday money etc. We might take some money out from time to time to buy him things, and the plan is that eventually he'll be able to take control himself.

As far as I can see he can't get a current account until he's 11, which is fine. Wouldn't want him to have an ATM card for a good few years obviously. So it would have to be a savings account. However, the savings accounts all seem to require a minimum monthly amount to be put in, and many don't seem to allow you to take money out easily.

Can anyone suggest an account where we could make occasional deposits in his name, and withdraw money reasonably easily (not necessarily via ATM)?

dementedpixie Sun 15-Feb-15 17:03:48

both mine have savings accounts with tsb - I pay in by standing order but you don't have to make regular deposits. You can withdraw by visiting the branch. Where do you bank? They may have a suitable account for him to have

dementedpixie Sun 15-Feb-15 17:07:03 - gives info about the best child accounts and whether they are instant access or not.

CountingThePennies Sun 15-Feb-15 17:12:25

I shopped around when i was looking for a savings account for dd whos now 2 years.

Yorkshire building society was the best. Childrens one day savings account. No minimum deposits, unlimited withdrawals and you dont have to sign the account over to the child until they are 21. You also get a savings book with it which some banks like halifax no longer provide

Bluecarrot Sun 15-Feb-15 17:15:25

We have a santander 123 mini account for our girls for birthday/Christmas money. We bank with them and its across the road from DPs work so he can do banking easily. Also have Halifax regular savers for both, but it gets dumped into the 123 account every year.

WhyNotSmile Sun 15-Feb-15 20:16:16

Thanks everyone! Ideally I'd like something I can make lodgements to from the Past Office, so I'll read up on the ones suggested.

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