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Babysitting rates

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runner2 Sat 07-Feb-15 18:23:52

My soon-to-be 15-yr-old DD wants to start babysitting but isn't sure how much to charge. What would you consider a fair hourly rate for someone her age? I've no idea if this can vary from area to area but we live in Hertfordshire.

LuckyLopez Sat 07-Feb-15 18:25:50

I'm a registered childminder and I charge £5ph or part thereof. In Berkshire.

Thurlow Sat 07-Feb-15 18:32:00

Our teenage babysitter in Herts charged £4 per hour, £5 after 11. I think that's fair because we're actually paying her to sit in our house doing her homework grin I'd pay more if she had actual involvement with the DC, but I wouldn't expect a 15yo stranger to be anything other than an 'in case' once the DCs are in bed.

tilder Sat 07-Feb-15 18:36:05

We pay £20 flat rate. I asked the parents of the babysitters and they were clear that they didn't want their child given more money than that.

springalong Sat 07-Feb-15 18:48:50

I am in West kent and even the teenagers want £6 per hour, normal babysitters £8 plus.

LIZS Sat 07-Feb-15 18:49:39

Ds gets £5 ph, a bit more if a late night.

IKnewYou Sat 07-Feb-15 23:30:23

I think a flat rate is a bit unfair. I prefer an hourly rate with a higher rate after 12. My 17 year old DD gets £6 an hour and double after midnight. We live close to Berks. I think it's the gojng rate - a bit lower for younger sitters and a bit higher for older sitters.

I think £5 an hour would be ok for a 14 year old.

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