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Possessory Title lost application

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Syfini77 Sun 01-Feb-15 13:10:54

Upon buying my home, a downstairs flat, approx. 13 yrs ago we were informed by our solicitor that a small area of our garden was not registered with the property and we were advised to apply for a possessory title. I have several letters from our original solicitor mentioning us fencing the area/signing statutory declaration/memory of doing this. Believing this to be complete I recently put my flat up for sale, have a buyer waiting, but have been told that the original application for possessory title (sometime around 2000) is not registered at Land Registry. Contacted my original solicitor, with letters from original application but they have been unhelpful - they cannot see what has gone wrong/why the application was not registered at Land Registry. We are now in the process of re-applying for the title, signed a statement of truth in the hope that we will not lose our potential buyer. How long this process takes I’m not sure?
Any advice on how to address the problem gratefully received. Exasperated.

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