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child benefit on maternity leave

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chinapink Thu 29-Jan-15 10:02:50

Morning. I'm lucky enough to have a brilliant job that pays over £50k but my maternity package is rubbish. I didn't think i could claim child benefit while on maternity leave because of this but a friend thinks i can. Does anyone know please? I'm hoping to go back part time in the summer so my salary will be much less. Not sure if this will have an impact. Thanks in advance.

Spindelina Thu 29-Jan-15 10:50:19

The figure that counts is your total income (including maternity pay) over the tax year. Also, unless you earn over £60k in the tax year, you are entitled to some CB (just not all of it).

chinapink Thu 29-Jan-15 12:24:56

Thanks that's really helpful

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