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Can anyone advise about prepaid cards please?

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TheFantasticMrsFox Thu 29-Jan-15 09:46:03

Basically DH and I do not have a credit card (financial problems in the past means we are unlikely to be accepted and, TBH we are probably safest without one)

We are hoping to holiday in Europe this year and would like to hire a car, a near impossibility without a credit card. My research throws up prepaid MasterCards, some labelled as debit, some as credit cards. This is where everything gets a bit vague confused

EuropCar tell me that they cannot accept a card without raised numbers as they take an imprint- fair enough, we will look for one with raised numbers. They cannot say for certain whether that will be sufficient though.

The holiday firm insists that this will not be acceptable, despite the promise that the card is accepted everywhere the MasterCard symbol is displayed.

I may be a natural risk taker, but even I balk at the idea of flying hundreds of miles, to be told at the airport we will be refused a car <wibble>

TarquinMoriartyGruntfuttockII Fri 30-Jan-15 20:02:53

Try this one Cashplus They have an option you can put on to use for hire of cars.

SensAbility Tue 03-Feb-15 18:25:18

Hi, just a thought. Check to see if your area has a local credit union. They might let you open an account with them. From my experience you have to be prepared to have some form of your income paid in to them, whether that be a benefit or wage, or maybe child tax credits etc. You agree with them to save an agreed amount and you can apply for loans too from time to time. They seem to be more understanding if you have had money difficulties in the past. they can provide you with a pre payment card too so that when your money goes in, they take your agreed amount for savings and the rest of your money goes on the card. It has raised numbers and I use mine for paying online for anything, also you can use it at some ATMs like bank ones or major supermarkets, although there is a charge for this.
I honestly would have been lost with joining the credit union a few years ago, you can also have a saving fund for Christmas and that too is a lifesaver when November comes around.
Try and find one near you and go in and see them.
Good luck

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