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self assessment query

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Rubberstamp Tue 27-Jan-15 08:27:13

I registered for self-assessment for the current tax year (14-15) as I was about to do my first bit of freelance work back in May. This work was cancelled and I have not done anything since and I don't intend to because of a change of circumstances. All other income is through PAYE.

Can I de-register or do I just wait and fill in a NIL tax return (for the self assessment bit)? Will I now have to fill in a tax return each year even if every year the return would be NIL and there is only PAYE income?

Thanks for any help

BMW6 Tue 27-Jan-15 08:38:27

Not sure whether you should still do a Nil Return for 2014/15 (tho you'd still have to enter PAYE etc - just nil for s/e) but once you tell HMRC that s/e didn't happen and won't in foreseeable future you won't have to do returns next year. Give them a ring to advise s/e didn't happen and see what they say about 2014/15 Return.

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