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Anyone on fixed term contract got a mortgage with Natwest?

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CakeMakesMeHappy Mon 26-Jan-15 17:11:50

We have a mortgage with them currently, fixed for several years. Want to move but unsure if husbands fixed term contract (8 months to run at present) will be detrimental? The company he works for tend to operate 1 year contracts.

redmapleleaves Mon 26-Jan-15 20:08:53

No but I have just gone through an independent broker because I, on a fixed term contract, 18 months to go, needed a mortgage. Other complicating factors for me, but the broker came up with a mortgage for me via Santander. He did say though that the term of my contract dramatically reduced the range of options.

CakeMakesMeHappy Mon 26-Jan-15 20:23:30

Tied in with Natwest so keeping everything crossed! You've given me a bit of hope though.

Ellawilk Fri 30-Jan-15 07:28:35

Yes they will, but you would need evidence that he has had previous contracts for at least 12 months (so 4x 3 month contracts for example)

cosytoaster Fri 30-Jan-15 07:42:55

I'm in the same situation as your DH work wise and NatWest told me that they couldn't count my income for mortgage purposes, even though I have been with the same employer over 3 yrs and I bank with them. However, my mortgage is not with them at the moment, so maybe they will be more flexible with you. Good luck!

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