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A letter from Concentrix oh behalf of HM REVENUE

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Howes68 Tue 20-Jan-15 13:47:30

Hello please help if you can , I am worried sick , I got a letter from the above , the letter states We need to talk to you about whether you are living with a partner , I claim tax credit as a single person , they are saying that they have evidence that there may be another ault living with me , I do have a bf whom stays 3 days a week , they wish me to call , and are asking in the letter for Bills, tent from 06 April 2014 to Jan 2015 , scared they are going to horrible on the phone not sure what to make if it , feel sick , any tips or help would be great thank you

Viviennemary Tue 20-Jan-15 13:49:28

The general rule is that if your B/f is contributing to the household then you are not living as a single person. That's why they want to see bills and so on to make sure that only you are named on the bills.

Howes68 Tue 20-Jan-15 13:52:31

All the bills are in my name has is the tent I don't ask for any money from him , has he only stays 3 days a week

HattyMonkey Tue 20-Jan-15 13:56:09

Don't panic just send them the bills and rent book/statement. You have nothing to hide.

Howes68 Tue 20-Jan-15 13:59:37

Do I call or sent the stuff by post , needs to be with them by the 12feb going to have to wait for my bank statements as I do online banking and no longer get paper statements , bills paid same way so I don't have so many months worth of bills to send , are they helpful on the phone ???

TalkinPeace Tue 20-Jan-15 15:40:46

Print out from the online - they will accept that.

Karo3161 Tue 20-Jan-15 23:42:54

Found mumsnet when I was looking for this issue - I have also received a letter stating that a partner is living with me - however when I first applied for child tax credits (many years ago as my son is nearly 18) I advised them I was living with my mum and brother and they were only interested if it was a partner. My brother is disabled (and working part time) and my mum is retired. When advised on the 'phone about this they seemed to lose interest in the original question and then wanted me to send evidence that I live at the address. This seems nonsensical as surely it is irrelevant where I live as long as I am not living with a partner? (For the record I've been at my current address for 18 years) It makes me wonder what they're trying to find?
I also object to sending bank statements to strangers (especially with my post Christmas overdraft on them) which do not prove anything about where I live.
Initially the letter upset me as I felt accused and that I was 'in trouble' - now starting to feel angry that I'm being put under stress and unnecessary pressure to produce documents that seem to have no value to their original enquiry. I'm happy to provide documentation to show my address just feel their request is unnecessarily intrusive especially as currently I don't actually receive any tax credits.
How do other people feel? It almost seems like they are just looking for ways to reduce the bill and the first approach doesn't work then they'll try other.

Howes68 Wed 21-Jan-15 07:38:40

Hello , I am having the same problem , I do have a bf whom says with me three night a week , everything is in my name has I pay for everything I work full time 36 hours a week and the only Yeo things I get help with us CTC and. DLA , for my daughter whom is autistic , I felt upset and cross with the letter , I have nothing to hide so trying to get the paper work together I did phone them yesterday quiet surprised how nice they where on the phone , they said to phone back as their system where down , I just need to sent by post all the required documentation , which has to be to them by the 12th feb , freaked me out when I got the letter , but my mind concern is I don't get child support the EX , won't pay has not done for 12 years , so how do I explain that there are no documents to support this feeling sick ��

shannyr92 Wed 21-Jan-15 15:58:44

i have just had the same letter,im a single mum and have been for the last 3 years,im assuming someone has now reported me to hmrc as i had been reported nov 2014 to jobcentre.i dont quiet understand why they would need csa statement as jobcentre told me its irrelivant towards the money you claim.i aswell do not see how sending a bank statement with all my personally information on to them as i do not see how this proves im living with someone.also just because someone elses mail gets sent to your address is not concidered ''proof'' of living with someone their is no law stating that someone else's mail cant be sent to some one elses address, royal mail also state they do not deliever to a person but to a please dont stress if your ex's still pay for anything in your house. they are just digging around, i also felt very troubled with the letter as it does sound more accussing then anything.

Karo3161 Wed 21-Jan-15 22:35:36

It's reassuring to know that other people are experiencing the same - makes it feel less personal. I will have to decide what to send to them and see where it goes from there. Good luck with resolving your queries and thank you for answering.

T2015 Fri 23-Jan-15 07:20:46


I also received a letter yesterday from Concentrix on behalf of the HMRC stating that we may have evidence a partner is living with you, to whom they named is actually my brother! I called them up, actually a little confused & told them he's my brother & I'm certainly not in a relationship with him. The lady advised that as there is 6 active accounts (bank accounts, online shopping accounts etc) that are in his name against the same address then we have flagged up. She advised I still needs to send in proof, such as utility bills (which I don't have, as I'm lucky enough to still be able to live at home with my parents) and bank statements.
I haven't got a problem sending the bank statements but heres the thing...
Since I've started claiming tax credits & working tax credits - I never declared any savings as its in an ISA account & I read in so many places that these are exempt & that you do not have to include them. Can someone please tell me if I'm right? Or whether I should have told them from the start? I'm worried as now I feel that they will look into everything & I even tried calling the tax credits line yesterday to ask them about this - as I've opened up a bank account for my daughter (which is obviously going to be a savings account, until she is old enough to acquire it herself) can someone please let me know if I can get in trouble for not declaring my savings? From my understanding savings are only considered if you are claiming benefit, such as income support & housing benefit - to which, I claim neither.
To be honest, all I want now is, I've just gone back to work since having my baby 11 months ago. I'm on a zero hour contract (casual staff) and I am working 16 hours a week - which I have made them aware of. The hours I work mean I will get £9.50 an hour plus any commission made. I certainly do not have a partner living with me. My savings are so hopefully soon, I can afford to move out with my daughter. I feel like since receiving the letter, that they are on to me. Can someone please let me know, if you know, where I stand with this issue. Thank you in advance.

Karo3161 Fri 23-Jan-15 23:15:23

Does this help? It looks like only interest from your savings is counted not the savings themselves, although I think it will alter once the universal credit is rolled out.

Katy69 Sat 24-Jan-15 10:36:36

Hi all

I received the same letter few days ago, saying they have evidence another adult is living at this address! They gave no name and demanding bank statements , divorce papers , tenancy agreement , bills all dated from April 6th 2014 - jan 2015 . This is like an accusation! I have absolutely nobody living here with me. I basically have to,prove that im single person otherwise my payments will be stopped ! I've nothing to hide at all but so angry at how this letter is worded ! It's saying that I will then have to put a new claim in as a couple and I will more than likely have an overpayment ,
How can I claim as a couple when I didn't even have a name lol . It's unbelievable! I'm not even in a realtionship ! I've been divorced for years , ex husband has no connection financially apart from maintenance payments (which I also have to prove ) thank god I kept the letter he wrote (2008) otherwise I'd have to ask him ! Its all very stressful and a pain in the ,,, having to get bank statements ! Costing me £5 as well lol
Do you think they are sending all the same letters to single parents to scare them , or to,own up,if they are actually staying with somebody . As far as I'm concerned they can come and check my house as I'm 100% honest .
Regarding savings I'm sure with tax credits you are allowed savings which are not taken in to consideration . Hosuing beneffit you are allowed up,to £6000 .

Karo3161 Sat 24-Jan-15 11:57:19

It is all very intrusive; I appreciate that payments should only be made in the correct circumstances, however the amount of information being requested is unreasonable and there seems to be a prove you're not guilty mentality behind it all. I've ended up having to put a letter together which exposes some very personal aspects of my life which, quite frankly, I resent having to share with a nameless bureaucrat.

People may think if you've got nothing to hide what's the problem - however who feels entirely comfortable sending such personal information? Also there is the worry about possible identity theft if posted documents don't reach their destination.

Even more annoying for me is that I don't currently receive any tax credits following a promotion at work and haven't since July last year ( and it was only a minimal amount prior to that.) My claim only remained open so that a small overpayment could be resolved as a result of this - should have just paid it and closed the claim!

We are going through a very worrying time due to illness in the family and it has surprised me how much this letter has upset me. Wish I did have a partner to take some of the strain - perhaps HMRC will arrange one and then my personal circumstances will match up with their paperwork - at the moment that seems a much easier solution smile

Katy69 Sat 24-Jan-15 16:09:53

I feel exactly the same Karo . I really don't want to hand my divorce papers in to God knows where . Plus all my other things! im not even sure if this is legal to ask for such personal documents ! If not handed in its a threat to stop payments and pay an overpayment perhaps with a penalty!!! I'm very angry how people are treated because they receive benefits . I understand that they are just doing their job but a heavy worded letter like that even makes innocent people scared . Do as your told or else ! Do you think they look through every transaction on your bank statement ? What is it they are looking for on a statement. , the thought of somebody snooping through my stuff makes me feel uncomfortable! so basically when receive any kind of benefit you are being watched !

Viviennemary Sat 24-Jan-15 17:38:59

I think people should remember that all benefits come from public money and the powers that be have to ensure that all claims are legitimate. It's not some kind of conspiracy against any individual. The easiest thing is just to send them what they require.

But I undeerstand people not wanting to send original legal documents in case they go astray. There used to be a system whereby you could take these documents to a job centre and they would fax them to the apppropriate office so you wouldn't actually have to just post them off and hope they'd be returned. Not sure if this is still going.

jbean66 Sun 25-Jan-15 12:45:15

I have also received a letter from Concentrix claiming they have 'evidence' of a partner living with me - as my husband died in 2001 and I havent even kissed another man since then, I find this particularly upsetting. Concentrix seems to have started as a telemarketting call centre and when I called them, they claim that they have evidence that my address is linked to multiple people (which, they informed me, may be people like previous tenants, my landlord etc) - I am wondering if they have stuck a load of marketing lists in to a computer then entered my address and looked at who has used it to come up with their so called evidence.

A recent Upper Tribunal appeal SB v HMRC (CTC/1824/2014) overturned HMRC's decision to withdraw SB's tax credits when she could not provide what HMRC considered sufficient evidence that no-one was living with her (how do you prove a negative?) and stated that the onus is not on SB to provide the evidence that she had claimed correctly, but on HMRC to claim that she had not. It the decision, the Tribunal mentioned S16(1)(b) of the Tax Credits Act 2002 and that it states that "where at any time duringthe period for which an award of tax credit is made to a person.... [HMRC] have reasonable grounds for believing that [the person] has... ceased to be, or never been entitled to tax credits for the period, [HMRC] may decide to amend or terminate the award." The judge stated that "the starting point was NOT for the appellant to show that the award had been properly made" but for "HMRC to make good the evidential basis for the 'reasonable grounds for believing'".

It looks like a telemarketting company is being used to 'fish' for anything that could be construed as evidence of wrong-doing in the hope of catching one or two people who are claiming incorrectly. Personally, I am NOT going to send any personal information to Concentrix - I dont trust them with it - I will contact my usual HMRC office and insist that they cough up the 'evidence' they have so that I can sort this out.

Hopefully, if we all bat this back to our usual HMRC office (especially at their busiest time of the year) and refuse to deal with Concentrix - and demand that they provide this evidence so that we can actually defend ourselves - they will stop this nonsense.

My providing bank statements back to April 2014, all my utility bills, benefits letters, and tenancy agreement does not prove there is no-one else living here, it just proves that everything is in my name - which is what someone deliberately trying to make a false claim would do, so how can I 'make my case' as Concentrix has told me to do when I dont know what 'evidence' I am actually trying to counter? If they just gave me the list of names (Concentrix has refused), I could tell them who they are (if I know them) and provide their addresses and contact details. Alternatively, here is an open invitation to Concentrix or HMRC, just knock on my door - any day, any time as my son rarely leaves the house - and come and have a look round - I'll even throw in a cup of tea.

Using scare tactics like this against parents who are financially vulnerable is totally unacceptable. I care for my son who is Autistic and am currently fighting HMRC at Upper Tier Tribunal for incorrectly withdrawing his Child Benefit, my local Council who have decided I owe them £1500 backdated to 2013 in Housing and Council Tax benefits for my daughter who they claim is over 25 (when she was born in 1992 and so is only 23 this year), the Student Loans Company who claim HMRC have informed them I should have been repaying my student loans, despite being on income support as I am a carer, and now this rubbish.

I am tired of living in fear and dreading it every time the postman comes to the door.

PingPongBat Sun 25-Jan-15 13:00:09

I believe HMRC use credit reference agency information to check for financial associations, rather than marketing information.

Financial associations (e.g. joint accounts, joint applications for credit etc) can stay on your credit reference files for many years, so it might be worth getting a copy from each credit ref agency, it costs £2 (Experian, Callcredit, Equifax). I think CABs can get them free from Experian at least. If there are errors on the reports you can ask for them to be corrected.

Katy69 Sun 25-Jan-15 13:50:52

Regarding proof of maintenance from ex partner , I was aware that this is disregarded income and has nothing to do with anybody .HB used to add it into calculations but I'm sure it was around 2008 that it stopped . Why should I send in proof of what I receive from ex when it's only between myself and my ex . How does this prove that nobody is living with me ? Easier if they did come and knock at the door unexpectedly !

jbean66 Sun 25-Jan-15 17:59:39

It still comes back to HMRC needing to cough up their 'evidence' not us trying to prove a negative. What do you have to lose from phoning HMRC and insisting (up to manager/supervisor level) that they provide the names/their evidence so that you can counter it? If they dont, it's just a wasted phone call, but if they do, you could save yourselves a lot of time and effort - you will know who they are talking about and how best to prove that they are not living with you.

If Concentrix throw a wide enough net, they are bound to pick up some people who have claimed incorrectly, but in the meantime, the rest of us are suffering for no good reason. Instead of us all being so scared, it's time we got angry and started demanding that benefits agencies, council departments, HMRC etc treat us with dignity and respect rather than as all being potential fraudsters. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Annoyed385 Mon 26-Jan-15 16:44:43

I'm another one to the gang! I can honestly say this has stressed me out no end ! ��
As if 2014 wasn't a bad enough year for me , just as I began to feel like I was coming through it I was smacked with exactly the same letter ... I've not gave them my personal story as im sure they really don't give a shit . Kept it basic and told them dates of ex moving out and sent them what they asked for although I'm sure it's Probally not good enough but I can further prove on the exs side . I've not even been in my single claim
For a year yet ... And been on maternity leave until recently . Found out my partner was having affair when my baby was 28 days old ...Spent the whole year stressing and crying grieving and trying to take care of a baby ... Wasn't concerned with his mail coming through my door . The only things I changed were finacial ... To make sure me and my kids were ok . This being council tax and tax credits . Just about pulled my life together one year exactly tomorrow from finding out .. And then this . They really don't understand how much stress this can put on a person even when innocent .�� can people please update if they hear anything back at all as the story's I have read elsewhere never seem to get finished off .

Nicola196847 Mon 26-Jan-15 19:43:31

i am going through the same just now, i received my letter last monday stating that they have evidence i am living with a partner and claiming tax credits , my tax credits and child benefit finished last july as my son decided to go back to his dads and also left college , my son is now 18, i havent got anyone living with me either , i would like to know how they get their evidence , do they watch you or ha ssomeone rung up to report me , the list of paperwork they want is endless, it ha sdug up all the upset from my divorce again sad

MrsDiesel Mon 26-Jan-15 20:04:38

I had this 4 years ago after separating from my abusive husband. I don't think it was concentrix then though. When I rang they admitted they have a standard letter that they send out to x % of single claimants incase anyone has forgotten to update their circumstances. I sent off what they asked for and all wad fine.b

Katy69 Mon 26-Jan-15 20:24:53

I agree the have to be cautious due to people frauding the system and probably is a standard letter but that standard letter is trying to get you to prove something or threat of payments stopped ! "Evidence another adult is living with you " ! Excuse me but they should name the adult they suspect just incase its a previous tenant or ex husband which is often the case . Then everything would be clearer . I got al my bank statements today which I had to order (£5) from my two accounts. . I now have to print all my bills. Gas /elec and telephone. Does anybody know if they require every household Bill since last April up till now , or can you just print off April . To me printing off months of bills is a complete waste . Paper , ink etc . What can this prove . The bulk will just add to the expense of me sending it recorded delivery as have divorce papers etc amongst all this . I'll be sending mine in a few days so will let you know the outcome . It's just such a pain in the neck , as if we haven't got enough to do . I need to buy ink .. Lol lots of it !!

Misspickle1 Mon 26-Jan-15 20:31:30

Jbean is nearly correct. In principal she is spot on. But it has to be gone about via a different process.
She is I can assure you barking up exactly the right tree though.

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