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Anyone else having trouble withe HMRC self-assessment site?

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Finbar Sun 11-Jan-15 15:09:22

It's all working ok - until I try to add some text to the comment box as directed to explain some of my calculations. Then when I press Next it says the changes have not been saved.
It's happened every time. All the other bits get saved - just not the comments.

TalkinPeace Sun 11-Jan-15 20:37:22

are the comments essential?

Finbar Mon 12-Jan-15 12:48:16

I think they are as the underpaid tax from last year was on my Tax case and this is what they've quoted. But then it got removed form my code. Then I paid it. I think I need to refer them to this !

AnitaManeater Mon 12-Jan-15 12:51:02

It will be sat as a credit on your SA statement, you just need to ring up and request it back. The comments aren't routinely checked and the box is really for naming multiple pension providers etc.

specialsubject Mon 12-Jan-15 17:04:57

don't worry about it. From experience they never read the comments!

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