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Child Maintenance Help Please

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dazedandconfusedagain Mon 05-Jan-15 11:48:12

Asking on behalf of a friend.

She recently split with her partner and they have a two year old son. He lives with her and his dad (her ex) has him every other weekend.

He refuses to pay Child Maintenance. He has quit his job and says he isn't working. However, she has heard from friends that he has started up his own business (he's a mechanic) and is working cash in hand.

Child Maintenance Service state that they have done a benefits check and he is not claiming benefits. They've done a check with HMRC and he's not registered as employed or paying tax. No trace of him having any money coming in at all.

So what now? He's living alone and is single therefore nobody, such as a new partner, is funding his life so he can't use that as an excuse and he is paying rent and bills and other living costs somehow. So what does she do? Will CMS look into this and question him as to how he is living if he isn't working or claiming benefits or is she now stuck with nothing? Surely it can't be this easy to beat the CMS and avoid maintenance?

He is advertising his services on FB but she hasn't been able to find a business name or any documentary proof that he is working, and anyway- if it's cash in hand he can't be made to pay maintenance can he?

Any help greatly appreciated

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