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Tax credit overpayment - I have repaid the money but still unsure

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TheMD Sun 21-Dec-14 20:37:56

Hello - I'm a fairly new poster so if this belongs somewhere else, please feel free to move the thread.

I'd like to ask for your views on my situation with WTC overpayment. I received a letter advising me I'd been overpaid 400-odd pounds last year. My income has been too high for WTC for about 2 years now but I received DLA until May 2013 and this carried with it a small WTC award of approx £20 per week. This amount seems to have continued to be paid to be for some time, building up the £400-ish overpayment.

I didn't notice this being paid as I don't really look at my bank statements/transactions unless something is very out of place (I KNOW, I KNOW...I have a weekly "banking health check" now). I did, however, notify the HMRC by phone about not receiving DLA anymore. I don't remember exactly when this was or who I spoke to but I did tell them.

I've repaid the money on a credit card now but is there a chance of disputing having to pay it back if I notified them of the change in my circumstances? I accept there's some blame/financial negligence on my part but surely if I notify HMRC of my changes, it's up to them to adjust the payment?

Any ideas gratefully received, thank you.

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