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Problem with Laredoute payments /account. long story. I am very stressed

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MrsSaginowsky Fri 19-Dec-14 19:57:41

Right long story but in 2011 I ran up a £719 account with them. Very stupid and as I am on a low income I started paying it back at £5 a week.

At some point mid last year I realised I no longer recieved statements from Laredoute and had no idea where my account was upto so I rang.

Turns out I had set up the standing order wrong (failed to put spaces in!) So every £5 I had paid for a LONG time had come out of my bank but was sitting in limbo!

After posting them bank statements to prove I had been paying the managed to locate the payments and I then changed my details to the correct ones and continued to pay £5 to laredoute.

I just called them because I checked my online account and it says

In 2011 account balance - £719 owed

Followed by 4 yearsish of £5 payments and a big chunk payment which was the accumalted lost £5s

So anyways

It now says

2011 : £719 owed

Total payments revieved £1, 105

Balance . Minus 385.

I called them because it seems I've over paid them over the years but Laredoute are saying they cannot deal with me and gave me a number i needed to ring which was "the relevent department'

I asked her to confirm this was someone in their company. Which she did... but when I rang it was a debt collection company who 'have to investigate' as they have no payments.

Of course they dont as I pay laredoute every week. Ive had no dealings with this company.

They say they will ring back Tuesday.

So I call laredoute back who will not talk to me!

I told them all my payments have been through THEM and if i can see the payments on my customer account why can't they?!

I'm really annoyed and a bit confused too. Why can't they see the payments when I can. Why am I dealing with a 3rd party debt company?

And do you think I have over paid? Can I get that money back if so?

The woman at laredoute just kept fobbong me off with 'the relevent department will contact you'

Has anyone experienced similar?

MrsSaginowsky Fri 19-Dec-14 20:16:48

I over worry about everything. I don't want to wait till Tuesday, I won't be able to put it out of my mind.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 19-Dec-14 21:54:19

Google the ceo of la redoute email address & ask them to investigate it.

Print copies of everything off so you have hard copy.

onionlove Fri 19-Dec-14 23:28:13

Hi MrsS when I get crap service now I go on twitter, follow the company and then compose a tweet about how rubbish they are being followed by #customerservice by doing that it gets retweeted by others and no company wants that if you're not on twitter ill happily do it for you to get you in touch with someone who can help x

MrsSaginowsky Mon 22-Dec-14 10:06:57

Seems they sold my account to a debt collection agency even though I've been making payments weekly!

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