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wtc, ctc help?

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whentheshithitsthefan Thu 11-Dec-14 17:26:49

is anyone a font of knowledge about tax credits? i know the info is all available online, but tbh, i need an idiots guide!
dh has had to take a BIG pay cut.
he was on 22,000
he will be on 15,000
i earn 3,000

so, we will go from a family income of 25,000 to a family income of 18,000, which is quite a drop.
with 3 kids, will wtc or ctc go up? any ideas on figures?

thanks. for the help!

Babyroobs Thu 11-Dec-14 18:29:29

I don't think you will get wtc ( unless you have childcare costs)as i think the cut off is around £17k. Your ctc should go up but as they now disregard the first 2.5k in income drop, they will be based on an income of £18k+ £2.5 = £20.5k until the start of the new tax year in April. With 3 kids the Ctc should amount to quite a bit then should go up in April assuming earnings stay the same. You can go to one of the benefit Calculaters online to see what amounts you might get.

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