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Tax Credit Help

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blackrod081234 Sun 30-Nov-14 23:35:37

partner and I claim Tax credit and child tax credit. however one of our children (aged 17) has started work under 24 hours alongside full time college. will this affect any of the tax credit?

SoonToBeSix Mon 01-Dec-14 00:08:04

No it won't affect tax credits as long as education stays approved and hours stay under 24.

anu50anand Sat 13-Dec-14 09:16:01

Christmas around the corner and Yorkshire Water has just send me a bill for £248.00(shock). Please advice if some one else is suffering in their hands. We only live in a 3 bed small house with small garden, 3 washing loads at most in a week, 3-4 dishwasher rounds and that is it. I am tired of telling them that there is no leakage but they do not know what to do, then how am I going to resolve? Please help and advice.

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