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joint tenancy changing to single tenancy advice please

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GoldenMama Thu 27-Nov-14 20:31:15

Hi all, so H moved out of rented home last year. It is still under our original joint tenancy and the deposit is being held in ex's name, think this is just because they had to choose 1 name and they always seem to choose the man!?
Anyway I really want to get him off of the tenancy now, surely I have proved I can afford the place having been here alone for the last year? Only I am a little concerned the agents will want to charge me for credit checks and agency fees all over again, on top of perhaps giving ex back the deposit for me to then have to find that money again!?
Advise please if you are in the know??

Thanks smile

GoldenMama Thu 27-Nov-14 22:02:32


specialsubject Fri 28-Nov-14 10:51:45

I'm a landlord and had joint tenants that split up with one moving out. The one that was left was the one with lower income so yes, he had to be re-referenced and credit checked again - although this all happened when the partner left.

not totally clear on what happened with the deposit (it was a while ago) except it was still there when he left leaving wreckage which was only part paid by deductions so I would think it just got transferred rather than paid out and in again.

get on to the landlord/agent, this should all have been done a year ago! Does your landlord/agent know he has gone?

GoldenMama Fri 28-Nov-14 23:16:08

OK thank you.
No they are not currently aware that I know of. I've not told them as at first wasn't sure it was permanent (which it most def is) and have been worried they would want me to move out, which I really don't want to do. This is my and dcs home.

specialsubject Sat 29-Nov-14 11:47:34

landlords don't want to get rid of decent tenants, why should they?

you may need re-referencing and credit checks for the landlord's insurance purposes, and there also needs to be an amendment to the tenancy;it's no consolation, but the landlord will get charged for this too. But there is obviously no need for new inventory etc.

please get on to it ASAP.

AnchorMeDown Sat 29-Nov-14 11:54:19

I'd be prepared to be charged for the new tenancy, including re referencing and a new tenancy agreement.

I believe they'll ask the named deposit holder if it can be transferred. If it can, it'll be changed into your name, although the original bank details will remain. If not, the original deposit will be returned and you'll need to pay a new one.

Where the original deposit goes will depend on whose bank details were used.

WrappedInABlankie Sat 29-Nov-14 12:06:25

My friend did this when her ex left, she wasn't re-checked they just took his name off when they renewed the lease but the deposit was in her name as she paid it

GoldenMama Sat 29-Nov-14 13:19:16

Thanks all. We both paid the original deposit, but I then had a letter saying it was being held solely in his name. Was cash, then we were paying rent through joint account which I changed to come from my account last year.
I will see someone from the agency on Friday and get it sorted out, whatever the cost he needs to be removed from the tenancy, so fingers crossed its an easy one.

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