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Income support cut off age?

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kenashnic16031 Tue 25-Nov-14 02:12:42

Hi, does anyone know what happens to those on income support when their child turns three? It used to be when the child turned five the parent had to return to work, but I heard that when the child is now three something changes, either they have to go onto job seekers allowance or do work experience and voluntary work until their child is 5
Thanks very much smile

It's still five according to the Government websites.

pottypeppa77 Tue 25-Nov-14 14:00:27

You have to take part in 'work related activity' when your child turns 3. This involves demonstrating that you have an up to date cv, are registered on universal job match and are engaging with your advisor with a view to having a plan to get back into work. May also involve undertaking training courses and voluntary work experience placements (where the job centre pays your child care costs if they fall outside the free 15 hours). I believe the pressure to under take training / work experience increases when your child turns 4.

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