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PPI on current account

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HexBramble Sat 22-Nov-14 12:24:57

I have a PPI payment leaving my current account every month. I have no idea how or when I agreed to this. The account is nearly 25 years old.

What should my next course of action be?


Rockchick1984 Sat 22-Nov-14 14:47:32

Is it a direct debit? If you ask your bank they can tell you the company who are taking the payment and you can then contact them. Does it just show as "PPI" on your statements?

amy83firsttimer Sat 22-Nov-14 14:55:25

A&L used to do a product called overdraft protection that comes out like a bank charge monthly. Is is that? If so call the normal santander complaints number.
If not ask your bank to perform an originator reference enquiry (through the OIN on the DD) and that should give a company address and phone number.

HexBramble Sat 22-Nov-14 15:36:38

Thank you, yes it's a current account and yes, it's overdraft protection. The account is a Barclays account and I remember opening it when I was 16!

Sorry to sound thick, but why Santander? Should I ring Barclays?

HexBramble Sat 22-Nov-14 15:37:05

..and what's an OIN?
Thank you.

Grumpyoldblonde Sat 22-Nov-14 17:27:42

Send an email to PPI link on the Barclays website - I got my OD protection back no problem - 9k!!! it was a mis-sell as I was self employed

amy83firsttimer Sat 22-Nov-14 17:49:30

Santander if it was A&L but I see it's barclays. An OIN is a code used to identify DD originators.

HexBramble Sat 22-Nov-14 19:58:30

Right. Ok.
I understand now, thanks.
I'll send an email tomorrow.

Any ideas how to word this? I am flummoxed, I must admit.

amy83firsttimer Sat 22-Nov-14 20:02:39

Find a template letter from moneysavingexpert and customise it to suit. Send directly to barclays complaints. What exactly does the entry on your statement say? (minus any identifying bits if applicable)

amy83firsttimer Sat 22-Nov-14 20:03:54

I guess what I'm getting at is that you need to know who you're complaining to.

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