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Jobseekers' and tax problems

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UB40 Wed 19-Nov-14 12:18:17

Hi, I am looking to claim Jobseekers Allowance, I should have started that a while ago. Thing is, I have been off the tax radar the last few years simply by not having enough left over to pay it (and have not been earning over £10,000 to be eligible).

None of this is admirable, but I understand that to claim Jobseekers they look at how much tax you have paid in the last two years, plus NI contributions. When they see I don't have anyfo, does that put the tax folk back on my trail pronto? And also, if you have to have NI contributions, how does that work for the younger among us who are signing on for the first time and have never worked a day in their life?

Sadly, had I started claiming earlier rather than being in denial I would have avoided this mess.

TalkinPeace Wed 19-Nov-14 13:22:49

so you were working cash in hand?

surely easier to get a job even a few hours for a monthdo a p46, then leave , then get a p45 and then sign on

peppermintbug Wed 19-Nov-14 22:20:21

There are two types of JSA, contributions-based and income-based. If you haven't made enough NI contributions then they will pay you income-based JSA (providing you meet the income/asset criteria). The income-based version is better anyway, as you'd get passported to other income-based benefits like Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support and free prescriptions. Also the contributions-based JSA only lasts a max six months but you can get income-based JSA for as long as you're seeking work. If a young person has never made any NI contributions they would probably get income-based JSA unless they have a lot in savings or other income coming in.

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