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Help with CSA payments

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chocolatespiders Sat 15-Nov-14 08:31:34

An attachment of earning was in place at £20 a week from my daughter dad. 2 months ago I asked for a new calculation and it was assessed at £43 a week. Great i thought things might start to get easier.
Yesterday I received a letter from CSA saying from December it is being changed to the new system as

* Mr X has been named on a new application for child maintenance to the child maintenance service - this is understandable as he has another child with his wife and they split up last year and I think they must have had a private arrangement and now he has to pay more to me has decided to declare the other daughter to the CSA so it is divided.

* Mr X lives in a household where they and another non-resident parent both receive state benefits and the other non-resident parent has been named in a new application for child maintenance to the child maintenance service.

As far as i know he works full time and recently saw him advertising for a lodger. Could the lodger having a case with the CSA affect mine?

so confused about this and really dont want to have to ring them.
Can anyone shed any light on this please

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