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Has anyone tried YNAB but found it didn't work for them?

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Jemster Tue 11-Nov-14 18:46:56

I've read so many good things about YNAB so I thought I'd give the trial a go. It does look good but I can't honestly see myself & dh logging every single receipt.
Also how does it work if your dh continues to buy things here & there that aren't budgeted for? I can see it leading to lots of questions from me asking what he's spent money on. He doesn't spend much to be fair but I don't think I'd feel right asking him for every receipt.
How much time do people spend logging everything on this system?
I see you can log purchases on your phone as they are made but in reality he is not going to do that.
Has anyone else thought it sounds like a great idea but then found it doesn't really work for them as a couple?

Beanie99 Wed 12-Nov-14 12:21:12

It wouldn't work if one of you were buying things here and there that weren't budgeted for. Could you budget an amount of spending money for DH each week and then give him the cash? He could buy what he wanted then, within the limit of the cash he has.
I think you both have to be on board with this for it to work properly, I really like it but then there is only me using it!

Bluecarrot Sat 15-Nov-14 22:56:30

Its a steep learning curve!

I can't get it to sync on my phone easily and I'm hardly ever on the pc so when our trial runs out ( next week) I won't be buying. Shame really as I love the concept.

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