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Tax Credit Compliance Letter

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Sando Thu 06-Nov-14 15:44:37

I have received a letter from Tax Credit Compliance asking for pay-slips, P60, Bank Statements, Letter to show my son was in full-time non-advanced education etc. I no longer receive Tax Credits because my son has turned 20. However, they are investigating last year's claim and now we get to the crux of the matter.

My son has special needs (i.e. speech & language, mild autism) . he successfully completed an NVQ at college and was then encouraged to do a BTEC course. At the time, I had my doubts about his capability of completing a BTEC but he wanted to give it a go. He completed his first year but towards the end, he started suffering panic attacks and severe heart palpitations (all of which are registered with GP and hospital). As far as I am aware, he was not formally withdrawn from the course because we were hoping to look at other options, courses etc that he could do in his second year. However, that did not transpire.

Consequently, he did not attend in the academic year 2013/14. He did not make any claims for JSA or Income support but I did continue to receive tax credits. I now realise having read all the rules and regs in detail that I should have reported this as a change of circumstance.

I also realise that once the TCO realise that he has not attended, we will have to repay what was received, even though he would have been entitled to JSA or income support during this period.

Can anyone advise if I will be able to repay with monthly instalments and the maximum amount of time I will be allowed to do this.

Any advice hugely appreciated. Thank you!

Rockchick1984 Fri 07-Nov-14 22:36:35

Tell them straight away that you have realised now that you made a mistake, and tell them how much you can afford to pay back per month (evidence it with an income and expenditure list). You can't pay back money that you don't have.

theposterformallyknownas Fri 07-Nov-14 22:41:59

If you have been over paid they take it back out of your current award/previous award. You should be receiving last years award amount during this year.
Let them know straight away and they can only legally take 40% of the payment each month, by law as maximum. If they suggest this and it leaves you unable to pay essential bills they will take it back at a lesser percentage.
Let them know soon so it doesn't build up anymore.
Good luck, they don't make some rules and policies clear at all.

Katec1980x Sun 09-Nov-14 09:45:22

I had a letter yesterday stating that they think another adult may be living with me blah blah blah! I haven't been with my ex for over 5 years, he lives with his mum but still has all the bills etc registered in his name...which he pays instead of maintenance until I move out (xmas I'm going) I do give him an amount of money each week towards the bills. He has his drivers licence, car insurance, voting forms (electrol roll) and work info registered at his mums address. He's also gonna write a letter as is his mum to say he's been living there for x amount of years. Does anyone have any idea if this info will be enough? Also, the letter states my money will stop on 4th December if they don't hear from me before then. I'm worried if I call and give them the info, and advise I'll send it all out, they'll say its not enough and stop it there and then. I have 4 children to provide for and xmas round the corner and I can't live without my tax credits.
Thank you xxxsmile

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