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tax credits joint claim

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needadviceo Tue 04-Nov-14 14:29:25

Wonder if anyone had any advice.

Recently decided me and my partner want to live together so told all the relevant people the day he moved in so all good but tax credits have completely cancelled my current claim and say i will no longer receive any payments :S So basically it's like starting from scratch. They say it will take ten days to receive the new claim pack (why can't my partner just be added?!) then another 3 weeks to process it then another 3 weeks to process payment so i now have 8 weeks to go without any money. My partner is self employed and recently started a new business so at the moment, work is either zero or negative while he starts out and i only work for a supermarket so pretty crap wages. tax credits basically tops up my wage to livable and without it i have no idea what i am going to do.

They told me on the phone i could apply for a crisis loan but these don't even exist anymore and i wouldn't be entitled anyway! I literally have no idea what to do. My wages barely cover my rent and i have bills to pay etc etc. Have been completely honest with everything, they know my partners income is zero at the moment to but have said they can't do anything else.

Anyone have any advice?is there any help i can get? i dont want to take out any pay day loans to get by and have managed to get some bills paying two lots in december (hoping it will be sorted by then) but still have rent council tax and food shopping to pay! Plus school runs and unexpected things. Is there also anything that can speed the claim up? I'm going to send it back special delivery but i'm so worried about how i am going to get through the next 8 weeks!

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