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Car insurance for new driver (as named driver on my insurance)

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emsiewill Mon 03-Nov-14 11:08:43

A slightly different twist on this oldie but goodie - car insurance for a new driver.

Dd is 17. She will be taking her test in the next couple of months. She doesn't have her own car, and is insured on mine currently on specialist standalone Learner Driver insurance (ie if she had an accident it wouldn't affect my insurance).

However, the insurance is now due on my car, and to my mind it would make sense now to add her to the policy, rather than paying £60 per month for a separate policy, particularly as she will hopefully pass soon.

When I do quotes with her as a named driver as a learner, one company comes up on top. However, if I change it to her as having passed, the premiums for the previous "top" company increase enormously, and a different company comes up on top.

So I'm not sure what to do. If I take out the one that is cheaper with her as a learner, can I then change to a different company when (if) she passes rather than just accept the massive increase in premiums (we're talking from £460 for the year with her as a learner to £1800 with her as a new passed driver)? Of course, it may be a while before she passes, nothing is guaranteed in that sense.

Anyone dealt with this issue?

olaflikeswarmhugs Mon 03-Nov-14 11:17:17

When dh was learning to drive I had him on my car as a learner . When he passed his test I phoned up to change him to a second driver and price stayed exactly the same . The nice man on the phone told me that is highly unusual , and that normally the price shoots up when a learner gets their test .

emsiewill Mon 03-Nov-14 11:21:50

Yes, that is my understanding, that as soon as they pass, it goes up (which makes sense as they will be free to wreak havoc without a sensible person screeching STOP watching over them).

So at that point, do I do another comparison and just suck up any cancellation fees etc (of which I'm sure there will be plenty...)??

olaflikeswarmhugs Mon 03-Nov-14 11:27:07

Honesty I'm really not sure ! sorry no help I think your going to be out of pocket either way .

emsiewill Mon 03-Nov-14 13:24:57

Yes, I think in this situation, the only certainty is that it's going to cost me lots of money...confused

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