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Working Tax Credits they've wrongly stopped my payments - what's the best way to proceed?

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NewNameForSpring Sun 20-Jul-14 15:00:54

WTC, in their infinite wisdom have decided that I am lying and that I am not separated from my husband after all. It must all have been a huge dream I suppose? confused

Anyway, I cannot get through to them on their one phone number. I intend to keep trying and to write a letter as well.

I am so worried about trying to battle through the bureaucracy to get some sense out of them and to get my payments back. Payments I am legally entitled to and rely on . I do not want to be borrowing money off relatives due to the incompetency of the DWP. Bastards.

I am so cross. But if anyone else has been in this situation, and I am sure there are many sadly, what would you advise to try and get this sorted out asap? I am worried sick. I just about make ends meet as it is.

Is there any particular person to speak to or contact for instance? Apart from the git who wrote the letter that is.

You would think they would check their facts before just cutting you off. Jeez. TIA.

todayisnottheday Sun 20-Jul-14 15:28:08

Keep ringing. Call daily for updates. Write down the name and time etc of every call. Contact your local m.p. with details of the situation and ask if they can assist.

Unfortunately it's an awful situation to be in and they seem to view tc as some nice little bonus and don't seem to comprehend that people need this money to live on.

My claim "fell off the system" eventually they offered me a one off emergency payment as I was in financial hardship. I got £50 shock this was after 8 months of getting nothing for no reason at all! It only got resolved after I involved the m.p.

NewNameForSpring Sun 20-Jul-14 17:24:16

Oh god today that is terrible. Poor you. I hope to goodness it doesn't come to that. But yes, I shall certainly log every call.

I know what you mean, it feels like the office there is full of sadists who rub their hands together around a meeting table, going "whose life shall we fuck up next? haha!!"

todayisnottheday Sun 20-Jul-14 17:44:58

Tbh I kind of felt it was my own fault it went on so long. I was told to involve my m.p. at the beginning but I "trusted the system" never again. Always go straight to your m.p! They have priority phone lines and all sorts!

skyeskyeskye Sun 20-Jul-14 17:51:33

after my divorce I had a letter from WTC saying that they had reason to believe that XH was still living there... I had to send them evidence that he wasn't. They never actually stopped the TC, but I couldn't get hold of them on the phone at all by the deadline that they had given, so had to send a letter with all the evidence in, as it was the only way that I could contact them.

I sent them the decree absolute, and screenshots of texts saying where he was now living.

I think they sent the letter to me, because at that point, he was still on the mortgage.

Check to see if you have any linked bills, or anything that his name is still on?

littleSpud Sun 20-Jul-14 17:55:24

That is disgusting they've done that shock

I had this a few years ago but the didn't stop my payments, I was told to provide evidence I was on my own. I guess I I hadn't they then would have stopped.

NewNameForSpring Sun 20-Jul-14 18:12:52

Thanks everyone. About a month ago I did provide what I thought was evidence enough. Obviously not. But I still think they should have kept up the communication, not just cut me off. ie ask for more evidence. I shall try to think of what else we can show them.

Muddlewitch Sun 20-Jul-14 18:28:57

I am going through this at the moment. I privately rent my house and they wrote out of the blue saying they believed I was living with a partner, and named by landlord as the person they think I am with!

I have tried every day for the past 3 weeks to reach them on the number they have given in the letter but can never get through. As it was nearly the deadline I sent them my tenancy agreement, bills and bank statements by recorded delivery last week and am waiting to hear. I hope it is ok as I cannot afford to live without the tax credit payments.

It is ridiculous that you just cannot get hold of them. Hope you get it sorted, it's very worrying.

NewNameForSpring Sun 20-Jul-14 18:42:38

Muddlewitch that is exactly my fear. Not getting through on that number and just being stuck in limbo. Debt limbo.

In desperation I rang the normal tax credits line and (after eventually getting through) the woman said she couldnt' help and that July is the busiest month of the year.

I shall write but this is why I started the thread, I was hoping someone would say what worked for them.

crazykat Sun 20-Jul-14 18:57:24

Start phoning about 7.55am so that its 8 by the time you get through the stupid automated menu bit. I usually get through doing this though still get put on hold for 15 mins but at least it doesn't hang up on me.

littleSpud Sun 20-Jul-14 22:23:54

They are a disgusting organisation, they are quick to chase people if we owe them or they think we shouldn't be getting anything. Yet when WE need to talk to them it's impossible confused

NewNameForSpring Mon 21-Jul-14 09:21:24

The trouble is, the normal number, the one where you have that nightmare menu (which always puts my blood pressure up!) is not the number that can help. I got through on that line and a woman said they can't help me.

The number on the letter I got is a 03000 number and it rings for 20 times and then cuts out. I shall try at 0755 though Crazykat, I couldn't today but I'll try tomorrow.

It is also difficult because in my letter to them I am trying hard not to be rude but I am so cross!

NewNameForSpring Tue 22-Jul-14 09:31:26

Has anyone else got any more ideas or experience of how they sorted their WTC cock ups?

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