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Tax credit compliance letter

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Tmj00004 Tue 08-Jul-14 19:20:50

I received a letter from HMRC compliance asking for ridiculous amounts of information including 12 months worth of bank statements!!

I am a single parent and always have been, I moved in January of this year (my sisters fiancée let me pick a house which he bought and I legitimately pay him rent every month! My last landlord was selling my old house and my sisters fiancée was looking to do a buy to let so win win situation) anyway when I moved I changed everything to my new address (I work 7.5 hours so claim housing benefit, council tax benefit and I get some income support to top up my earnings again all legitamate!) about 2 weeks after I moved in I got a knock at the door from 2 people who were from the council, they asked to come in and said they were here to do a tenancy check to make sure I was living here, they took proof of id asked a few questions and left (housing benefit is still getting paid so all fine.)
In March I got a letter from DWP for income support saying that they had been informed I was working more than they knew about (which I wasn't!) and they had stopped my payments and I had to send them a years worth of wageslips ( this still hasn't been sorted as the wageslips kept "getting lost" in the post so I sent them recorded delivery yesterday)
Now I have received this letter from DWP for tax credits (I only get child tax which is what I am entitled to) I feel like I am being picked on, my daughter is now 4 and I have never been through anything like this when claiming my benefits!!
I'm so stressed with money as my income support (for all it isn't much) has been stopped and they are now threatening to stop my tax credits!
Has anyone else been through this? This makes me think being honest isn't always best as I am so stressed out with money and no1 can help me!!

Sorry for the long post but I had to fit everything in.

GerbilsAteMyCat Wed 09-Jul-14 10:04:28

Call the number on the letter and speak to them,, they can actually be quite pleasant. Work out what they want. Then go down and speak to citizen's advice. They cab deal witg compliance on your behlaf.

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