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child maintenance threats?!

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deakymom Mon 07-Jul-14 21:06:01

trying not to drip feed here my ex and i have a 14 year old he hasn't seen since she was three (his choice) we split and he had to pay CSA so he quit his job claimed disability for ages then claimed his wife who is disabled so carers allowance he has never paid the child support he should he worked three years ago then quit again he has paid £90 in 10 years (at five pounds a week) now he has a job again and has been told to pay £7 a week (which he hasn't paid) now my husband has a job and as im supposed to ive told the CSA he is working (im not working currently)

they have sent me a letter threatening me with court and demanding two/three months of my husbands wage slips details of our children (she did try telling me she had no notice of my marriage i did point out she was calling me MRS DEAKYMOM so it was obvious i had told them) tax credit letters proof of rent the works DP has only had this job two weeks! there is a note on the letter stating if i don't provide the information i will be taken to court and charges will be pressed im fuming this man has never paid now the CSA want to take away £7 a week (which isn't a real award as he never pays anyway) and make my husband financially responsible! i thought they were not supposed to do that?

another question is how do we provide two months wages when he has been in the job a couple of weeks? are they mental? why am i being treated like i owe money its supposed to be for MY DAUGHTER

i feel like im being punished for my honesty unlike my ex ive always updated my circumstances

i would love to tell them to stuff it but they are demanding our financial information on pain of PAIN! (exaggeration but its really how it looks)

does anyone know if i can tell them to stuff their award up there paperwork>?

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 08-Jul-14 08:51:47

It does sound as though someone has got the wrong end of the stick. Is there a contact number on the letter?

Butterflyspring Tue 08-Jul-14 08:58:12

I think they sent letters meant for your ex to you? You need to call them and sort it out. You won't be asked to pay anything to the CSA and your household income is irrelevant to any claim you make against your ex.

LineRunner Tue 08-Jul-14 09:02:27

This is clearly one almighty cock up and you need to ring and explain the difference between your ex and your current partner, and that the ex is the errant father.

fedupdownhere Tue 08-Jul-14 10:40:17

We had this many years ago my ex husband not paying any maintenance and we got letters demanding to know what maintenance my husband was paying for his children, I was livid he was bringing up 5 children (feeding and clothing them) from my ex with along with his own children and when I phoned to sort it the woman demanded to know where my husband lived how much he earned and did he pay maintenance and wouldn't listen when I tried to explain sad sad to hear they still don't do the job properly.

Pansy2013 Tue 08-Jul-14 23:27:36

This brings back memories of when I attempted to chase up the CSA for maintenance payments. The CSA (in Belfast of all places) demanded I declare my new partner's income, and they wanted his place of work, wage slips etc. But he was never the biological father of my two eldest children. After, much frustration, over what was proving to be a fruitless child maintenance claim I ceased chasing the CSA. The CSA were nothing but a negative impact on my family, when all I wanted was what was due to my children from the absent parent. Once I gave up on them (the CSA) and accepted that expecting child maintenace was going to be like flogging a dead goat, our lives became more positive. My eldest two are now 22 and 19 years old, and their 'father' has never made contact with either of them since they were 6 and 3 years old (his choice, basically an irresponsible man). I have since married my new partner, and he has financially supported all of us for the last 15 years. Absolutely no help from the 'absent parent'. I always thought the CSA was due to be closed down years ago. Always had a bad reputation as a useless government agency!

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