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Child tax credit once your child is 16, yet staying in school.

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triplets Sat 05-Jul-14 07:18:45

Hi I had letter months ago asking what the trio were doing re staying in education. I wrote back and said that my dd would be staying in 6th form but my two boys may be joining the services in Sept. So they sent me an update to say that dd will still get her credits but not the boys. Since then the boys have not been lucky to get a place so both will go back to school , 6th form. I contacted CTC and let them know all three will be remaining in education. Two days ago I got another letter updating our circumstances saying that CTC will stop for all three on the 31st Aug! Can someone explain? I have sat on the phone trying to get through to them since Thurs! Thanks smile

slartybartfast Sat 05-Jul-14 07:23:57

there has probalby been a delay and you will prbably get your next letter next week confirming they still are receiving tax credits. just keep hanging on the phone

triplets Sat 05-Jul-14 07:31:23

Thanks your username btw! I must have wasted two hours y/day trying to get through!

slartybartfast Sat 05-Jul-14 08:24:35

smile thanks.

i rung the child benefit number and told them who to updated tax credits and in fact put me through. it is probably all the same place anyway but i didnt wait so long.

triplets Sun 06-Jul-14 01:45:35

Managed to get through finally today and got it sorted smile So thanks xx

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