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So what are the actualy rates for this "Big Deal"?

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CocoaBeanPlease Tue 01-Jul-14 11:04:00

I don't know if I'm missing something, but I can't seem to find the actual details of this energy switch Big Deal that MN just sent me an email about. All it mentions are average figures, which I always found pretty useless. I'm interested in what it will actually cost/save me! I know all my consumption info and always use it when comparing energy deals.

Seems to me like it's deliberately vague until you sign up and give them a some information about yourself (including contact info like email)...

specialsubject Tue 01-Jul-14 13:10:45

looks like they don't know the actual rates until they start bargaining.

most companies, even those that actually produce energy WHICH THIS LOT WON'T, hide the actual unit cost until you do a bit of digging.

question: how will this lot make a profit?

CocoaBeanPlease Tue 01-Jul-14 13:34:34

I thought they had gotten past that point, as they claim it reduces the average bill by £291 pounds (which is quite a precise number), and they've named the supplier and length of the deal.

In terms of profit, it says on the Big Deal website that they will be getting a commission from the supplier.

specialsubject Tue 01-Jul-14 14:19:41

aha - I've found the average rates on their site. Apparently specifics depend on your region.

Electricity - Standard
Standing Charge £0.1950/day
Unit Rate 12.7546p /kWh

Electricity - Economy 7
Standing Charge £0.3541/day
Day unit rate 13.3863p/kWh
Night unit rate 8.0964p/kWh

Standing Charge £0.2484/day
Unit Rate 3.7847p/kWh

early termination £30 per fuel. Above rates for direct debit. Go online and another fiver per fuel comes off. Get two fuels and another £16 comes off.

I only have standard rate electricity, for which I pay 15p a unit and no standing charge. On my usage they would be slightly more expensive. So someone else must be saving the £290 a year. wink

CocoaBeanPlease Tue 01-Jul-14 14:59:10

Well found! With those rates and our usual yearly consumption, this would be slightly more expensive than my current rate as well.

Granted, I just fixed mine for 1 year rather than 2, but that's not enough to make me pay the early termination on my current plan to change over!

todayisnottheday Tue 01-Jul-14 15:03:48

I went through it all but abandoned ship when they wanted me to switch before telling me exactly what my monthly direct debit would be - and that the "save £32 per service for e bills and dd" turned into a saving of £7.44!

It really needs to be more transparent if they want commitment.

TheBigDeal Wed 02-Jul-14 10:17:35

Hi everyone,

Team Big Deal here. Thanks for all the interest in our brand new exclusive tariff. We thought we’d try and answer your questions raised above:

- The Big Deal tariff is the lowest price 2 year deal currently on the market and it’s only accessible through The Big Deal – you won’t find it on price comparison sites. It is supplied by Green Star Energy, a rising independent energy company.

- Our deal will cost the average billpayer £1,055. This is £291 cheaper than the current average bill of £1,346 (as estimated by energy regulator Ofgem). Of course, individual savings will vary, so do get a quote online or over the phone to see how much you’ll save!

- We’ve provided average unit rates and standing charges as a guide, but (as with all energy tariffs) the precise figures vary between regions. Therefore the easiest way to view the unit charges and standing rates that you will pay is to plug your details into the website - - or over the phone if you'd prefer (0333 222 5875, 9am to 6pm weekdays).

- You do need to put a bit of information in to get your personal saving quote and the unit rates and standing charges. Current consumption, current tariff, address and how you'd prefer to take the deal. Lowest price is via direct debit, dual fuel (both gas and electricity) and ebills. But you don't have to choose these if you don't want to. The deal is still the cheapest 2 year deal whether you take it via paper bills or e-bills.

- At no point are you obliged to take the deal and any information you put in is not kept unless you confirm you want to take the deal which is at the very end of the process a couple of pages after you receive your personal saving quotation.

- The system will determine your region from your postcode, and provide you with your personalised unit rates and standing charges, on the page before it gives you a full quotation.

If there’s anything else do get in touch – we’re happy to respond here or you can email us at Or call us on 0203 463 0820.

Best wishes,

Team Big Deal

todayisnottheday Wed 02-Jul-14 12:01:30

Thanks teambigdeal, is it possible to update the quote system to provide a dd price? I got an annual figure and a saving etc but what I want to know before I sign anything is exactly how much is coming out of my account each month.

TheBigDeal Wed 02-Jul-14 18:11:07

Completely understand.

We will check with Green Star Energy and get back to you asap. The best thing might be for you to call their dedicated Big Deal line to get this info: 0333 222 5875. But we'll get back to you as well.

TheBigDeal Wed 02-Jul-14 19:12:18

Hey todayistheday, the page after you receive your personalised savings quote you are asked to fill in your direct debit details. It is on this page that if you click fixed you can actually input how much you want to pay a month. You should set it to 1/12th of the annual cost. You will have been given your annual cost on the page before with your personalised savings quote. Does that help?

todayisnottheday Wed 02-Jul-14 19:37:50

Ok thanks thebigdeal. So the dd is set by the amount you input. Fair enough smile I'd worked out 1/12th but wanted to be certain I wasn't going to be surprised once I'd signed up (I realise I'm being suspicious but I like to be sure grin

TheBigDeal Wed 02-Jul-14 19:44:43

Quite right too!

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