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How long for child maintenance under the new rules? Anyone used it yet?

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Takebackcontrol Sun 29-Jun-14 18:46:21

Hi Ladies, I'm a newbie and posted last month about my financially abusive husband. Together 7 years, married 1.5 years, 2 children - 7 & 5. I posted this under relationships but have been advised that it might generate more of a discussion under money matters.

I'm proud to say in the last month and with your advice, I've managed to contact Women's Aid, also a recommended solicitor regarding occupation orders (if he doesn't let me back in for stuff when I leave), applied for working/child tax credit and a council house application (just in case) all at my lovely friend's address (where I'll be staying when we go). I've secretly managed to view rentals while friends have the kids, I've begun moving items (particularly important/sentimental stuff) into my friends garage and I've talked agents and landlords into considering the dreaded DSS! I'm a small business owner and have never been made to feel proud of this but apparently the agents think it's a wonderful positive to this situation.

I also (with trepidation) checked my credit score (as I have NOTHING and my Husband is in debt in his own name) and it came back as excellent - phew! I applied for a secret credit card (with success yay!) today for emergencies during my move and have today (with the help of my sister, who incredibly helped while about to go in for a C section) placed a security deposit on a beautiful, amazing little house in a lovely little village. I know I'll have a mishmash of weird donated, up cycled furniture but I don't care - it'll be all mine. I'll drink tea from my stashed, chipped mugs with my amazing, supportive friends all crammed into my new tiny kitchen and will breath again and be skint and happy.

My question is how long realistically should I expect to wait before I receive child maintenance? The new system is now in place and I have no doubt in my mind that he'll disagree not only with the separation (which I plan to do without warning at the end of July), but also with the amount the calculator says he 'should' pay. I have no issue with the government keeping 4% of my share and charging him (or whatever %), but want to know if anyone out there has been through this yet? How soon can I go down the official route of having it taken from his salary? Immediately? Is legal separation required or mediation first etc? I will struggle to get my life together without it and need to be realistic etc. He has worked for the same big company for over 20 years with a high, regular salary (not commission based) so isn't in a position to hide his earnings. He's also very materialistic and I can't see him quitting and giving up his lifestyle just to be difficult.

Any advice appreciated as I'll be jumping on this as soon as I'm 'out'.

Has anyone still used the maintenance calculator with success, if not how soon after the 'using the authorities method' did you begin to receive payments?

I know I need to plan to be without this money just in case, but I'll do my best to try to have a regular payment for the children.

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